Zusammen (together in German) Vienna center: Where Hebrew Shabbat Dinners and Social Events Unite the Israeli Community

Since its opening in September 2021, Zusammen Vienna has become a vibrant hub for the local Israeli community. Through Shabbat dinners, social gatherings, leisure events, and live shows, this center brings people together in a warm and familiar atmosphere. It quickly became a beloved center for the Israeli community in Vienna, fostering connections and a sense of belonging. But it goes beyond just hosting events; everyone contributes their expertise and community spirit, making it truly exceptional.

For example, the “Academy for Kids” is a standout program, bringing children together every Sunday to explore art, science, and more. Israeli experts generously volunteer their time to teach, providing an invaluable opportunity for the children in our community to learn and grow and all in Hebrew.

Another remarkable initiative is the ‘Parliament of Young Adults’, empowering them to create events and develop skills in management, leadership, and community engagement. Witnessing young people taking charge and making a difference for their community is truly inspiring.

By Giving the space and opportunity, hosting events conducted entirely in Hebrew, Zusammen Vienna provides a welcoming space where Israeli community members can express themselves comfortably and connect with their shared language, heritage and religion.