Juntos (together in Spanish) Barcelona center: The Center for Jewish Israeli Life in Barcelona

“Juntos Barcelona ” is an Israeli community and cultural enterprise that creates a vibrant space for all Israelis in the city and their families. Our center combines Israeli culture, Jewish tradition, and community life to foster togetherness and connection.

Since it opened in January 2023, Juntos Barcelona has been buzzing with activity! The calendar is brimming with fully booked events that cater to a wide range of interests. From special women’s circle events to entertaining comedy shows, there is something for everyone. Our family holiday events bring joy and celebration, while our parties and dinners create unforgettable moments.

The warm local Israeli community has embraced our offerings with enthusiasm, joining us at every event and showing their unwavering support. Their presence has made each gathering even more special, strengthening the bonds within our community. The center is a melting pot of Israeli culture, Jewish tradition, and community life, where we come together to celebrate and connect. All with the local flair of Barcelona.

Our center works in cooperation with the local Jewish community. Some of the center’s events operate in the community centers and during the year we hold joint events for both communities which have been very successful and have created connections and a bridge between the people and the communities.