"Mazi" (together in Greek) Athens Center: A Celebration of Israeli Culture and Community.

Established in June 2022, “Mazi” is nestled in the heart of the Greek capital, serving as a vibrant hub for the Israeli Athenian community. Our center is thoughtfully designed to host an exciting array of events and activities that beautifully reflect the rich tapestry of Israeli life. From the warmth and togetherness of our Shabbat and holiday meals to engaging programs tailored for children, youth, and adults in Hebrew, we strive to create a profound sense of belonging that transcends borders.

To ensure that our center resonates with the unique preferences and passions of our community members, we conducted extensive online and personal research within the community. By listening and understanding their needs and desires, we have curated a diverse range of special events that cater to the distinct interests of the local Israeli community.

The Israeli community in Athens is a new and young community that is growing year by year. The community includes both families with children and young adults who immigrated to the city for various reasons. The Athenian Israelis want to preserve their connection to Israeli culture and Jewish tradition and month by month more and more of them join Mazi activities.

Our activity center in Athens was established in cooperation with the local Jewish community, which considers the local Israelis a part of it. A significant part of Mazi events take place in the community centers and throughout the year we hold joint events between Mazi and the Jewish community.

One of our notable events was a guided tour that delved into the captivating Jewish heritage of Athens, offering a profound exploration of the community’s vibrant presence before World War II, particularly dedicated to commemorating Holocaust Memorial Day. This immersive experience allows us to connect with our roots and forge a deeper understanding of our cultural heritage.

Additionally, we are proud to have hosted leisure and lifestyle lectures that covered a wide range of topics from well-known Israeli public figures. These enlightening sessions provide valuable opportunities for socializing, exploration, and the creation of cherished memories, fostering lifelong connections among our community members.